Mössingen , 08.12.2017 ab: 19:15

We start in December into the Pre-Christmas season with  „Cookies, Cakes and Confections – A Visit of Bakery Padeffke“ (www.baeckerei-padeffke.de) in Mössingen on Friday 8/12/2017 in the evening.

We are going to meet at the train station Tübingen (entrance hall) in the evening and go by train to Mössingen. There, our guided tour (in German) will start at the base of Bakery Padeffke: In the following 2-3 hours we will learn a lot about the baking trade, watch live the bakers and confectioners preparing their creations for the following day and taste hopefully some pieces here and there. We are going to be back by train to Tübingen around midnight.

Hope to see many of you for tasting cookies, cakes and confections!

Registration/Contact: fk-tuebingen@daad-alumni.de

https://www.facebook.com/ groups/DAAD. FreundeskreisTuebingen/