ONLINE, 20.04.2021 19:00 bis 21:00

We are thrilled to be able to invite you to the next talk from our series on 17 UN Sustainable Development GoalsSubham Mukherjee (FU Berlin) will give a talk about urban water security in Kolkata, India

Urban water security lies in the heart of Sustainable Development Goals, particularly for but not limited to Goal 6 (Clean Water and Sanitation) intersecting the realm of other SDGS such as Goal 5 (Gender Equality) and Goal 11 (Sustainable Cities and Communities). Achieving urban water security is essential in urban planning to manage cities’ water infrastructures and strengthen their water stress resilience and adaptive capacities which are significant for the current pandemic and the post CoViD-19 situations. Kolkata is a growing mega-city in an emerging megacity, India, which is facing rising pressures on water-environmental provisions due to the rapid population growth, urbanisation, and resultant governance as well as infrastructural issues. To communicate with the broader audience, this presentation will address an overview of the urban water (in)security and its dimensions in Kolkata city (as a case study), such as water consumption and distribution in the city along with the changing land use – land cover of the city area and continue discussing the results obtained from the analyses of satellite data, household survey, available literature, and documents from public institutions. This presentation will conclude by summarising the adequacy of the already existing governance frameworks for allocation and management of urban water for the purpose of its recognition as a basic human right (UN, 2010), and the various national as well as international policies, regulations, guidelines, and management practices for both the current pandemic situation and post CoViD-19 world.

The talks series is open to everyone and if you think you could contribute we would be happy if you contact us: