Munich, 29. January 2023 11:00 to 12:15

The Bayerisches Nationalmuseum, which calls itself  “Schatzhaus an der Eisbachwelle”, is one of the largest museums in Germany. Among the several top notch museums in Munich it is undeservedly one of the lesser known. It displays exceptional art from late antiquity up to art nouveau, and explains European cultural history in Bavaria in a unique way.

The public tour in German entitled “Krass” introduces the RG Munich to this fantastic museum, which has many facets. It houses a. o. sculptures, paintings, goldsmith’s art, ivory carvings, porcelain, textiles, fashion, scientific instruments, furniture, weapons, musical instruments, and spectacular specimen of everyday culture.

The tour picks out five sensational curiosities across the collection for close scrutiny: A mediaeval skeleton, a coral sculpture, a dramatic scene made of ivory, and an extravagant porcelain clock. These items can be viewed here:

Admission incl. guided tour 1 Euro