Munich, 15. February 2020 10:30 to 13:00

The RG Munich visits the famous Munich botanical garden, one of the most important ones worldwide, to see the special exhibition of 400-500 live tropical butterflies (about 50 varieties in all stages of development) flying about freely.

The Nymphenburg Castle park, where we originally planned to meet for the walk to the Botanical Garden, is closed because of storm damage. Therefore we meet directly at Haus 4 of the Botanical Garden, where the butterflies live.

In the same greenhouse will also see water turtles cavorting, and we can visit the other greenhouses too. Outside there will not be that much to be seen yet.

The Munich botanical garden houses 16,000 plants from all over the world (incl. fantastic orchids), outside and in greenhouses, and regularly features lectures and special exhibitions, e. g. a spectacular rose show in June. The Botanische Staatssammlung and the LMU institute for systematic biology are also located on the premises.

Kids very welcome.

Admission for students 4.50 euros (with ID), regular 6.50 euros, kids under 12 free