Online, 20. July 2021 19:00 to 21:00

Tolulope Ayeyemi is a multitalented scholar and researcher who continues to strive for excellence in all positions and circumstance, attaining professional distinction and proficiency. She contribute innovatively to attain sustainable development of communities’ prospects and policies for profitable livelihoods via “Research and Development” in Africa and across the world. With a bachelor’s degree in Soil Science and Land Resources Management from Obafemi Awolowo University, she had the opportunity to work first, as an InternAgronomist with International Fertilizer Development Centre (IFDC)NIGERIA and later as a fulltime Agronomist and Master Trainer with the same organization. This gave her the opportunity to meet, work and interact with different stakeholders in the agricultural sector in Nigeria Farmers, Agroinput dealers, Spray Service Providers, Extension agents and other agriculture partner organization. She had her MSc. degree at University of Bonn, Germany which was funded by the DAAD Scholarship, and this was where she became interested in researching on alternative sources aside Phosphate rock for phosphorus fertilizersfor future food security. She researched on forms of phosphorus found in composted human feacal waste and biochar and the change of phosphorus extractability during composting of humanureand with this, she became further interested in a research area about Phosphorus recycling and reuse. She found the EU PTRAP(Preventing Phosphorus Input to Surface Waters New Concepts in Trapping, Recycling and Management, as a perfect opportunity to explore her interest considering its holistic approach to the global phosphorus challenge which could be a threat to future food security. She will open up conversations around foodproduction and future foodsecurity (SDG Goal 2 ZeroHunger), impact of Climate Change on food production (SDG 13 Climate Action) responsible consumptionand Production (SDG Goal 12) and also a brief insight into No Poverty (SDG Goal 1), Securing Good healthand WellBeing (SDG Goal 3). Lastly, she will talk about the relevance of his PhD Research project in the food production sector and how it is expected to contribute to future food security.