Munich, 25. May 2019 8:50 to 19:00

The RG Munich visits  one of the most interesting museums in Bavaria: Glentleiten. It is a tremendous open-air museum, supplying plenty of things to discover, plus stunning views of the alps and Lake Kochel.

We will go on a guided tour in English, have lunch at the restaurant on site, and then have some free time during the afternoon so everyone can individually explore the Glentleiten.

The Glentleiten Open-Air Museum, the largest in Southern Bavaria, provides detailed insight into the life of past generations in rural Upper Bavaria. More than 60 original buildings from all parts of the county were translocated to Glentleiten and restored in a landscape cultivated according to historic traditions.
The ethnological collection at Glentleiten comprises close to 80,000 historic objects, primarily furniture, textiles, tools and household equipment as well as objects of religious worship.
On the large terrain of the museum, there are a variety of gardens, forests and meadows with ancient animal species.