Online, 2. December 2021 17:00 to 19:00

Learn more about ongoing research projects of young international scholars from the entire Ruhr region and beyond. In 2016 the Regional Group Ruhr of DAAD Alumni & Friends started to co-organize interdisciplinary colloquia for doctoral students, post-docs and anyone seriously interested in engaging in interdisciplinary discussions. Since 2019 the graduate center of FH Dortmund serves as a co-host.

Each session three or four researchers present their current projects – some share the outline of starting projects, others rehearse for first presentations at conferences, others practice for the defense of their doctoral theses. And all profit from the challenge to present in front of peers with entirely different backgrounds and from the sometimes unlikely – but inspiring – questions they might encounter.

Discussions focus on the individual presentations and include debates on the different methods and academic conventions in different disciplines and cultures.

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If you are interested in presenting your own research, please contact Anneka Esch-van Kan at