Munich, 17. November 2019 11:00 to 12:10

Sorry, all places are taken

The RG Munich organizes tickets for opera, ballet, and concerts at the Nationaltheater as often as we can.  During this winter term we hope to be able to see several performances. This guided tour, in English, gives us a chance to learn about what happens ‘behind the scenes’ of this wonderful theatre – one of Germany’s biggest and loveliest, but beyond that, one of the worlds’s leading opera houses.

The present building goes back to Bavaria’s first King Maximilian who had it erected in 1810, but the theatre’s history goes back much further. Having been  destroyed during WWII, the building was reconstructed according to historic plans and reopened in 1963.

25 places. If you have a particular reason for attending, you are welcome to mention it. 2 euros contribution per person, to be paid cash before the guided tour starts. Registration is possible once the invitation has been mailed.