Munich, 18. June 2022 8:00 to 19:00

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The RG Munich visits Murnau, a small pretty town located on the train line to Garmisch (approx. 1 hr ride), surrounded by huge marshlands and with fantastic views of the alps.

In 1908 the two artist couples Gabriele Münter/Wassily Kandinsky and Marianne von Werefkin/Alexej Jawlensky first came to Murnau. The pictures they painted at and of this place and its landscape until 1914 brought Murnau to the attention of an international audience.

We visit two major cultural attractions that are of great importance to European expressionist art:

– the Schlossmuseum with its display of paintings by Münter and Kandinsky

– the Münter-Haus, which Gabriele Münter bought in 1909 and where she lived with Kandinsky for a while; it was a meeting-point for the avant-garde and played a crucial role in the development of the “Blauer Reiter”. It is now a museum affiliated with the Munich Lenbachhaus.

In between locations we have lunch in the Schlossgarten ( Our schedule is quite free and allows us to use our afternoon to have a stroll around town or around the lake, where there are opportunities to play minigolf or  take a swim.

20 participants