Munich, 1. August 2021 9:00 to 19:00

Covering a surface of 32 km2 (12.4 mi2), the Murnauer Moos is the most important and best preserved marshland in the northern foothills of the alps. Numerous endangered species of plants and animals have a safe habitat in this magnificent nature preserve in the „Blue Land“.

Munich DAADians go on a  4-5 hr walk, which is flat all the time. Good walking shoes are needed, but not necessarily hiking boots. The tour takes us through a forest but also for quite long spell through open country  without shelter from sun or rain. Make sure to bring the right clothes and sun protection.

More than 1,000 different ferns and flowering plants are found in this alpine marshland in southern Bavaria. It is irrigated by a myriad of streams and decorated by colorful natural meadows of orchids and other flowers as well as rare relics of the Ice Age. Especially beautiful: in the springtime, blue iris transforms the area into a magnificent sea of color. (

At the end of our hike there is the possibility to spend some time at beautiful lake Staffelsee. The town of Murnau is also worth a visit.