Munich, 17. January 2020 19:30 to 22:00

‘My Fair Lady’ is the enthralling story of phonetics professor Henry Higgins and his pupil Eliza Doolittle: Higgins claims that proper language education can turn even a lower-class  flower girl like Eliza into a  lady respected by high society… And if you think the underlying issue – social discrimination based on language – is obsolete, you’re mistaken.

The RG Munich attends this musical from 1956, one of the most popular and successful of all times, sparkling with timeless song gems, in the Gärtnerplatz Theater’s celebrated new German/Bavarian version, which gives you the opportunity to improve your Bavarian. There will be no surtitles, but since the story and production are quite straightforward, this should not be a problem.

20 tickets for students under 30 with student ID.

Duration: 160 minutes, intermission after 80 minutes