Munich, 6. July 2019 8:30 to 20:30

All places are taken! We are keeping a waiting list

The RG Munich goes on a trip to beautiful Regensburg, a city with an illustrious history from Roman times on. Its medieval city center is a UNESCOWorld Heritage Site.

We will once again meet a bunch of DAADians from Erlangen-Nuremberg there and spend the day together.

First we will go on a pleasurable boat ride (1 hr.) down the Danube to the Walhalla monument, one of the most important works commissioned by King Ludwig l of Bavaria (1825-48) and designed by architect Leo von Klenze in deliberate proximity to the former Free Imperial City of Regensburg. Walhalla is a classicist ‘temple’ and contains statues and busts of famous Germans to promote German patriotism on the way to the formation of the German Reich. Walhalla is the German equivalent to the Bavarian Hall of Fame in Munich, built years before German unity was actually achieved in 1871. The name of course refers to norse mythology and is a term synonymous with a martial (or otherwise) hall of the chosen dead.

Upon our return to Regensburg at 14:45 we will go on a tour of the old town in English.

Depending on the weather – the trip will happen in any kind of weather!  – we can check out the city some more on our own before we travel back.