Munich, 6. February 2019 20:00 to 22:00

What happens when people and machines make music together? Human music and machine feeling? The RG Munich will witness this experiment.

We hear two violins and two saxophones. However, the one violin is played traditionally/acoustically, or picked up electronically, but the other violin is a mechanical, acoustic automaton. And among the woodwinds, one of the human players also communicates with his various robotic instruments.

The quartet of four human musicians and four machines enjoys their spontaneity under these special conditions. Electronic live music becomes visible and transparent through the inclusion of acoustic sound sculptures.

The robotic instruments are provided and configured by Christoph Reiserer and Karl F. Gerber. The electric and acoustic violins are configured via laptop by Markus Muench.

Text: Erhard/Gerber

The line-up:

Karina Erhard: saxophone and flutes, looper

Christoph Reiserer: clarinet saxophone, guitar robot, drum robot, eHarmonium

Markus Muench: violin, violectra, electronics.

Karl F. Gerber: experimental violin automaton.

Einstein Kultur, Einsteinstr. 42, Halle 4