Online, 8. October 2021 19:00 to 21:00


Dear all!

The next “Heidelberg Talks Online” meeting takes place on Friday, October 8, 7-9 pm CEST (GMT/UTC + 2).    

The topic will be Populism, Culture, and Sport: People, Politics, Power, Identity, and Movement.”  

The speakers will be  

  • Alan Tomlinson: He is a Professor Emeritus of Leisure Studies at Brighton University, UK. He studied humanities and sociology at the University of Kent, and gained his DPhil at the University of Sussex. He has written widely on sport, leisure, and popular culture in their sociological and historical contexts. His current research continues to explore, from interdisciplinary perspectives, the making of spectacle in the sport and leisure sphere and the ideological significance of such phenomena in social and power relations.


  • Bryan C. Clift: He is a Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor) in the Department for Health at the University of Bath, UK, where he is the Director of the Centre for Qualitative Research. His research is oriented around sport and physical activity in relation to issues of contemporary urbanism, popular cultural practices and representations, and qualitative inquiry. He most recently co-edited with Alan Tomlinson Populism in Sport, Leisure, and Popular Culture (Rutledge, 2021). 

To register for this meeting please get in touch with

Mr. Henning Belle:


DAAD-Freundeskreis (DAAD alumni club), Bonn/Heidelberg