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Many things become more appealing when seen from close up. This is all the more the case when details can be recognised and interpreted using background information. So our programme includes not only lectures by professors and experts, but also guided tours in museums, historical sites or factory buildings.

DAAD Alumni & Friends promotes not only cross-cultural exchange but also interdisciplinary exchange. Academics from all subject areas focus their curiosity on diverse topics. Outside the hierarchical structure of the university, people from all over the world and from every age group participate in lively discussions. Speeches, guest lectures, panel discussions and guided tours are especially inspiring.

Share your specialist knowledge!


Are you an expert in your field and able to offer an intriguing glimpse of your subject for an interdisciplinary audience? Do you have the special background knowledge to guide visitors through an exhibition? Or can you present the history and production methods of your company?
Our regional groups regularly need keynote speakers at welcome receptions in the autumn, experts for specialist lectures and people to offer guided tours – for example, through exhibitions or their own company.
Would you like to find out more? Contact our office (+49-228-882-249, or a regional group near you.