Open Up Your Rooms

Kunstausstellung Veredas Lopes 2009

We like to welcome DAAD scholarship holders in special places – whether this is to mark the beginning of the semester for a lecture and a music recital in Hamburg’s Dancing Towers or for a festive receptive in law chambers in Munich. The Association is in need of prestigious rooms for large receptions.

Every autumn, we welcome thousands of new DAAD scholarship holders in the whole of Germany. Receptions held by DAAD Alumni & Friends offer opportunities for exchange and enable incoming scholarship holders to network with each other and with people from the region. The size of these events at the beginning of the semester varies greatly from town to town: anything from 20 participants to several hundred.

Dr. Christoph Philipp (P+P Pöllath + Partners)
For very many years, we have supported DAAD Alumni & Friends in Munich and are pleased to organise an autumn reception there every year. It is wonderful to see that Germany is still very attractive for young academics from abroad, which benefits both sides.

Dr. Christoph Philipp, supported DAAD Alumni & Friends

Over the course of the year, we also need places with a pleasant atmosphere: for summer parties and Christmas celebrations, for discussion events and small conferences. Some of our regional groups offer informal monthly gatherings, at which high-profile speakers from science and industry give talks. We also need suitable venues for these events, offering some quiet but also allowing people to socialise.

How about events on your premises?

368141_web_R_K_B_by_Rainer Sturm_pixelio.deA reception in your lobby, a conference in your seminar rooms or an event with classical music in your gardens? If you would like to offer DAAD scholarship holders and alumni some special moments and promote exchange, don’t hesitate.

Contact our office or contact one of the regional groups near you directly, and find out more about what we currently need and how you can participate.

You will only be involved in the organisation to the extent you wish to be involved. We are always pleased to receive additional donations (a buffet, give-aways), but it is not necessary to go beyond providing rooms.