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In 2011, DAAD Alumni & Friends were acclaimed in the “365 Landmarks in the Land of Ideas” competition for their contribution to international understanding and for strengthening Germany as a research location. This was possible due to the commitment of our members and our sponsors.

In the years to come, we would like to expand the Association’s programme systematically: by founding new regional groups – especially in Eastern Germany; by strengthening small groups; and by reaching more students and guest academics from abroad. To do this, it is necessary to increase the activities that offer special experiences – such as our host programme “Deutschland hautnah – Germany behind the scenes” and exclusive company tours.

Dr. Hans-Georg Schultz-Gerstein
The study trip to Italy was a major enrichment in my life. My thanks for the DAAD scholarship has manifested itself in the commitment to make this opportunity available to others.

Dr. Hans-Georg Schultz-Gerstein

Support the Association in the long term!

453128_web_R_K_by_Thorben Wengert_pixelio.deYou can support the further development of the Association by making a regular donation as a sponsor. Fill out the membership request, and add a monthly donation in the SEPA mandate at your discretion.

As a sponsoring member, you can support the Association on a purely financial basis or you can be actively involved. Take this opportunity to…

  • …establish contact with international academics.
  • …reach students from all over the world just before they complete their degrees.
  • …raise awareness for your topics in an international specialist audience.

Strengthen with us the internationalisation of higher education institutions, the principle of hospitality and the spirit of international understanding.