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The Association offers an opportunity to help DAAD scholarship holders understand Germany as part of Europe and to promote cross-cultural exchange. To do this, history and politics are just as important as nature and culture. The programme is made possible by our members and sponsors.

Offering varied annual programmes for thousands of students and guest academics at around 40 universities is a major undertaking. If it were not for more than 100 members working for the Association as volunteers, this could not be done. Nevertheless, we rely on donations. Together we would like to strengthen the spirit of international understanding, promote exchange and extend hospitality.

Christian Caron
By donating to DAAD Alumni & Friends, I hope to make a small contribution to help the Association continue its excellent work.

Christian Caron

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648030_web_R_by_Radka Schöne_pixelio.deEvery year, members and friends support the work of the Association with donations. If you would like to support DAAD scholarship holders from all over the world, become a sponsor or make a single donation.

You can target individual programmes, e.g. the city excursions, our host programme “Deutschland hautnah – Germany behind the scenes” or the emergency fund for scholarship holders. We will be happy to advise you personally (+49-228-882-249,

DAAD-Freundeskreis e.V. is recognised as a non-profit Association. Donations are tax deductible.

The account details for DAAD Freundeskreis e.V.: Commerzbank AG; IBAN: DE67370800400274060601; BIC: DRESDEFF370.

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