Executive Committee

Not only does the Executive Committee of DAAD Alumni & Friends meet to take strategic decisions on the development of the Association; it also forms work groups and involves in implementing projects. Elections take place every two years at the members’ meeting.

Since November, 25th 2023, the Executive Committee has comprised the following members:

Dr. Sabine Englich
Vice Chairperson
Anke Stahl
Vice Chairperson
Dr.  Hatem Amin
Dr. Johann Peter Schäfer
Dr. Lubna Amro Ruhr
Annette Schörner Munich
Dr. Dennis Daub Cologne/Düsseldorf
Dr. Andreas Knaul Berlin

The President of the DAAD, Prof. Dr. Joybrato Mukherjee, is an ex officio member of the Executive Committee.

Find out more about the work of the Association in papers formulated by the Executive Committee:

Objectives, Mission Statement, Programmes (in German) (pdf, 304.54 KB)
Agenda 2017-2018 (in German) (pdf, 259.39 KB)