Regional Group Bonn

Bonn Poppelsdorfer Schloss

The Science and Beethoven City on the Rhine

Bonn is shaped by 19 UN organisations, 150 NGOs, important science and research institutions, numerous museums, a wide choice of cultural options, the Rhine, the Siebengebirge hills and its proximity to Cologne. Join us on a tour of discovery!

At the beginning of the semester, we invite you to a welcome meeting for all new DAAD scholarship holders. We regularly have informal gatherings at Bonn University’s International Club in order to get to know one another. There are also information evenings on various topics, or theme evenings at which, together with you, we present your home country.

We visit UN organisations and go to the Haus der Geschichte (House of History). Once a year, we organise a Zumba workshop and dance to Latin-American rhythms. Besides that, we go on excursions with you: we visit the surrounding area, take a boat on the Rhine or go on foot to the Siebengebirge hills, or even go on a trip to the Ruhr area, e.g. to Essen or Duisburg.

In alternate years, we also offer two excursions: a day trip to Brussels including a visit to the European Parliament and a trip to Berlin, the capital of Germany. We would like to expand the “Deutschland hautnah − Germany behind the scenes” programme, as part of which scholarship holders are placed with German host families. We are still looking for hosts in the region.

Here you find reports about past activities of our regional group.


Dr. Tomabu Adjobimey
Tomabu Adjobimey,
DAAD alumnus, immunobiologist at Bonn University Hospital



Dr. Christian Bode
Christian Bode,

DAAD Secretary General from 1990 to 2010, currently Chairperson of DAAD Alumni & Friends:“For decades, I campaigned for money and implemented programmes for the DAAD. There was little time left to spend on individual fellows. DAAD Alumni & Friends opens up new perspectives and the opportunity to enter into discussions with the young generation from all over the world.”


Mitra Khazaei,
DAAD alumna, Industrial Design:
“My study abroad was a special experience made possible by the DAAD. As a member of DAAD Alumni & Friends, I am pleased to be able to help other scholarship holders enjoy similar wonderful experiences.”


Rainer Dobbelstein
Rainer Dobbelstein
Retired Consul General, former DAAD instructor



Angela Dittrich-Orosco
Angela Dittrich-Orosco,

DAAD alumna, sports teacher



Raphaela Holinski
Raphaela Holinski
DAAD alumna, English Studies, teacher



Marion Markham
Marion Markham
DAAD alumna, Sociology



Angelika Sachsenröder,
Former head of the EU department in the DAAD


If you have any questions or suggestions, please write to us; we look forward to exchange!