Regional Group Cologne-Düsseldorf

Stadtansicht Köln mit dem Kölner Dom

Cities on the River Rhine

We look forward to sharing many memorable experiences with you: leading international artists in the philharmonic orchestra, the carnival in Cologne, a relaxing barbecue evening on the banks of the Rhine!

With more than 130 scholarship holders from more than 60 countries and many active members, the regional group in Cologne-Düsseldorf is one of the most active groups of DAAD Alumni & Friends. Our aim is to enable scholarship holders to have better access to the culture of their host country through many activities and to encourage exchange between scholarship holders.

Exkursion nach Brüssel, Europäisches Parlament

We have a range of activities including trips and walking tours, visits to concerts and theatres, and our annual city excursion. There is something for everyone. Last year, we began a series of lectures on academic exchange between scholarship holders, and we are always pleased to have interesting lectures on a wide range of study and research projects.


  • Dennis Daub

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