Potsdam is a beautiful and historically significant city and can be easily visited by bike. That’s why the regional group Berlin went on a bicycle tour in October 2023 along most of the sights in Potsdam with stops and brief explanations of the history and significance of these sights.

In the first section between S Griebnitzsee and Schloss Cecilienhof the history was mainly about the immediate post-war period in Germany: the Potsdam Conference, the division of Germany, escape attempts and espionage activities. After a climb up the Pfingstberg, there was a first picnic in which many of the foods we had brought with us were shared. The Afghan Bolani were particularly popular. We then went through royal Potsdam: through the middle of Sanssouci Park, through the old town to the city palace and then to Park Babelsberg. After the 25 km cycle tour, it was time for a refreshment at the final stop, a beer garden.