After several hiking trips in winter and spring, an excursion to Heidelberg was on the agenda at the beginning of summer. Despite a rather short notice, a group of 15 participants was found who wanted to explore one of the most popular tourist destinations in Germany.

At 9 o’clock it went off with the train from Stuttgart main station. This was already well filled, despite not yet existing 9-Euro-Ticket. This will surely get much heavier this summer.

Arriving in Heidelberg, we walked along the Neckar River and through Heidelberg’s old town to the meeting point with our city guide. He showed us the most interesting corners of the old town for more than 90 minutes, told us exciting facts about the changeable history of the city and finally even led us to the restaurant we had reserved for lunch.

In the “Schnookeloch” we had a quaintly furnished corner all to ourselves and let ourselves be spoiled with local specialties. In particular, the Palatinate wine spritzer was enthusiastically received.

Well fed, we still had the climb to Heidelberg Castle ahead of us. After successfully completing this climb, we were rewarded with a beautiful view of the old town, the Neckar River and the hills of the Odenwald. In addition, the longed-for sun finally showed itself to us and allowed impressive snapshots.

On the way down and back to the train station, many participants began to feel tired, so that many took advantage of the return trip for a short nap. Around 19:30 we rolled back home happy and satisfied.