On Saturday, June 25, 2022, Dr. med. Anja Moldenhauer, deputy medical director of the blood donation center UKD, invited  two scholarship holders of the German Academic Exchange Service to visit the BSZ. Both Nelja Sinatullina from Kazan, a student of General Linguistics at the University of Cologne, and Sora Lee from South Korea, a doctoral student in German Studies at the HHU, were surprised by the manual effort required to produce blood products.

Different perspectives also came up internationally. While in South Korea, as in many Asian countries, everyone knows about their blood type and regularly shares it in private conversations, in Kazan there is a traffic light system that blood donation facilities use to signal the need for blood donations on the Internet and social networks.

Dr. Moldenhauer herself once worked at the Sloan-Kettering Institute in New York on a DAAD postdoctoral fellowship and was second vice-chair of the DAAD Alumni Association from 2004-2014.

She has recently become a contact member of the DAAD Circle of Friends Düsseldorf (fk-duesseldorf@daad-alumni.de).