The whole world in one garden: more than 100 years ago, this concept prepared the ground for what is today still a unique garden complex on an area of 43 hectares with almost 20000 plant species. Affiliated to the FU Berlin, the garden is not only used for cultivation, but also for research, e.g. on the topic of biodiversity. In addition to the open spaces, the large tropical house in particular stands out architecturally. The landscape is apart from that interspersed with a wide variety of themed gardens. In a 2-hour guided tour we learned a lot about history, structure of the garden, currently particularly attractive regions in the garden and also about the original and current research. We were also able to include in the tour plants from home countries of the participants. Due to the great diversity of species in the garden, there were also numerous interesting motifs of flowering plants. Interesting facts about the benefits and healing powers of plants were part of the tour, as well as current aspects such as their adaptability to dry seasons and historical comparisons of how plants have adapted to climatic changes in the past. The impressions gained could be deepened afterwards over coffee and lemonade.