On 28 January 2023, the Berlin Regional Group of the DAAD-Freundeskreis organized a guided tour through the Berlin House of Futures, known as Futurium, for a group of 15 scholarship holders and alumni. Located in the very heart of Berlin, next to the central station, Futurium offers a platform to discuss the possible futures for humans, nature, and science. It’s a great addition to our talk series on the 17 UN Goals for Sustainable Development, that have been organising by Martin Konvička and Günter Kipfmüller since February 2021.

As an interactive museum, Futurium enables its visitors to discuss the potential developments of our world. Some of those developments are already happening and out of our reach, others are happening, but we can still influence them to our advantage and yet others are not taking place yet, but we would be happy if they did. In the words of William Gibson, the future is already here. It’s just not evenly distributed yet.