The Berlin Regional Group visited the Peter-Behrens-Hall, a former turbine hall of the AEG company, which was built around 1912 and is now used by the Technische Universität Berlin.

The tour began with a brief presentation of the life’s work of the artist, architect and designer Peter Behrens, who is considered as one of the inventors of a “corporate design”. His name is inextricably linked with the company AEG, which was at some times the largest German manufacturer of electrical products and whose buildings still dominates the style of several streets in various districts in Berlin.

Founded in 1922 and currently headed by Prof. Dr. sc. techn. Mike Schlaich, the Chair of Conceptual and Structural Design – Concrete Structures at the TU Berlin has been intensively involved with concrete and prestressed concrete construction. The current research topic of the chair is to realise durable, slender and sustainable structures by applying the principles of lightweight construction and new materials. For this purpose, structures were constructed on a real scale, on which the experiments are conducted in the Peter-Behrens-Hall.