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Stipendiaten auf dem Dach des Auswaertigen Amtes

The Multifaceted Capital City

We cater for DAAD scholarship holders and alumni in Berlin and Potsdam. Discover the many facets of Berlin! Observe politics in the Reichstag, stroll around the Pergamon Museum, or experience multicultural Kreuzberg. We would like to show you our Berlin and your host country.

We are former DAAD scholarship holders from Germany and elsewhere. We meet for our regular informal gathering in the ‘Grand Bar’ on every first Monday of the month. There you can meet members of the DAAD Alumni & Friends, scholarship holders and alumni for an informal exchange and find new friends.

Asta Dumbrauskaite
I go along because I’ve found friends at DAAD Alumni & Friends and can always find out something new. I enjoy that!

Asta Dumbrauskaite (Lithuania)

And besides that, we show you Berlin:
by walking around the city together, even beneath the city and back into history; by visiting galleries, gaining insights into the art scene; or by taking trips to the surrounding area, where we go paddling or walking and discover nature. We try to give you a different view of the city and look forward to your suggestions.

We also take a look inside governmental institutions like the Federal Foreign Office, have discussions with publishing house managers, look behind the scenes of an airline, visit public broadcasting corporations, enjoy the opera at Gendarmenmarkt, visit other German cities or organise trips to neighbouring countries.

Our activities are sent out to all scholarship holders and alumni by email. As there is often a limited number of places, you need to be fast. If you do not receive an answer, the places are already taken (we do not send any emails of refusal).


Sabine Englich, member of the Executive Committee and contact person:
“In my opinion, the most important task for DAAD Alumni & Friends is connecting people and contributing to creating a network of understanding around the world. This can protect people from false images. It is a particular pleasure to observe how encounters develop into friendships.”

Annerose PanskeAnnerose Panske, contact person:
“In times when it’s possible to explore the host town on the Internet beforehand and to start making friends on Facebook, making personal contact plays an important role for genuinely understanding other cultures and other peoples.”


Selma Tabak-Balks, contact person:

“During my studies, DAAD Alumni & Friends contributed greatly to my leisure activities and I met many interesting people. Through my commitment, I would like to make this possible for other scholarship holders as well.”

Stefan JunneStefan Junne, contact person:
“Due to the variety of events for scholarship holders and alumni, DAAD Alumni & Friends offer something for everyone in a relaxed setting and with a great deal of variety.”



Peter Goetz

Peter Götz, member of the Executive Committee:
“Being made welcome abroad – this is an experience that our guests should be able to enjoy with my help.”



Matthias Gelbrich

Matthias Gelbrich:
“I am involved because I would like to help foreign scholarship holders get in touch with one another and I would like to show them different aspects of their host country. And, on the other hand, at our monthly informal gathering, I learn a lot about different countries through the experiences and perspectives of the scholarship holders.”

Martin Konvicka
Martin Konvička:

“In addition to studying Linguistics in Berlin, I have met a large number of interesting people and have been to many exciting events thanks to the DAAD and DAAD Alumni & Friends. Through my own commitment to the Friends of the DAAD, I would like to make the same thing possible for other scholarship holders.”

Richard Schubert

Richard Schubert:
“International exchange is very important for me, and DAAD Alumni & Friends are the perfect place to meet interesting people from a great variety of disciplines and countries.”


If you have any questions about our programme and our group, please write to us. We are open to suggestions and welcome exchange. Suggestions from scholarship holders are also very welcome.

E-Mail & Contact:

Contact Persons:

  • Sabine Englich
  • Annerose Panske
  • Selma Tabak-Balks
  • Stefan Junne
  • and many others you can meet at our monthly informal gathering and at other events.


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