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The “Mediterranean” student city in the heart of Bavaria.

A real student city on the Danube, where there is always something going on: Bavarian folk festivals like “Dult”, open-air swimming pools and open-air concerts in summer, film festivals, dance festivals and Christmas markets in winter.

The university and college campuses are always vibrant with thousands of students. The student councils are very active and they organize regular events. Near Regensburg there is the beautiful Bavarian Forest and numerous rivers, that’s why it is a perfect place for cycling, hiking and rowing.

We have our regional group since December 2018 and members come from different countries like Taiwan, China, Russia, Tajikistan, Italy, Hungary, etc. Our program interests are diverse and we are always looking forward to meet new people. We would like to organize day excursions and events so that we could discover the city of Regensburg and the state of Bavaria together. For this we are always happy to hear new ideas.

If you are in Regensburg and feel like discussing and going on excursions together, let us know via


Dr. Nana Gratiashvili


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