War in Ukraine

The DAAD provides important information on the effects of the Russian attack on Ukraine on its website. You can find them here. Moreover, DAAD publishes a list of offers of assistance for Ukrainian students and scientists here.

Statement of the DAAD Alumni & Friends on the war against Ukraine

We are deeply shocked by Russia’s attack on Ukraine. As DAAD alumni, we stand for international exchange, for getting to know new cultures and for peaceful coexistence. The call for help by the DAAD alumnus Igor O. Girka from Kharkiv shows the brutality and violence of the Russian military during the invasion of a sovereign state which leads to unimaginable suffering.

In these difficult times our deep solidarity goes to all Ukrainians – including those who are studying in Germany on a DAAD scholarship and are worried about their country.

We are glad that many Russians think the same way and have the courage to condemn the aggressive war in no uncertain terms.

We know: wars know no winners, only losers.

DAAD Alumni & Friends and its regional groups are available as contact persons for affected DAAD scholarship holders.