Thanks to DAAD scholarship holder Julia Stankiewicz, the DAAD logo has been circling the earth since the end of 2020. As a master’s student in aerospace engineering at the Technical University Munich, she originally planned an internship at Planet headquarters in San Francisco. This company is dedicated to the design, manufacture and operation of satellites that transmit real-time images every day, making it possible, for example, to monitor the effects of climate change directly. Because of the corona pandemic, this plan fell through. Instead, Julia interned at the company’s Berlin branch.

As part of the Mission Operations Team, she not only wrote the code to manage the data from “her” satellite, but was also invited to design a side panel. Among other things, she chose the logos of the three institutions that supported her academic studies on the way from Gdansk via Manchester to Munich. Julia Stankiewicz: “The DAAD is helping me a lot with my studies. Therefore I am happy to make this small contribution and to send its logo into space.”

Shown on the side plate that Julia designed: stars (symbolic of space) and the three types of satellites that Planet operates; Berlin as the location of Planet, on the paws of the Berlin bear, the initials of the launch team of five. Below are the logos of the scholarship providers, including the DAAD.
Julia Stankiewicz
The satellite was launched into space on a SpaceX rocket.