On Sunday the 26th of January 2020 twelve participants could make a new experience with the discipline of ‘Eisstockschiessen’, a middle European form of curling. The attendees were soon deepened into the game and time flied.

The DAAD scholars, who took part in this event, mainly came from warmer regions of the world, in which freezing temperatures are very rare. After a short introduction into the rules of the game, everyone got soon enthusiastic about it and each player was cheered by his or her team. Because the game was getting all the attention, it was good that we booked the comfortable ‘Feuerhütte’ afterwards to chat with each other. The feet were put near the fire to warm up, until the big stack of wood was burned down.

A small group used afterwards the opportunity to skate on the ice. One of the scholars had her first experience on ice skates during this event.

The winter can be cold and dark in Germany, but on this Sunday everybody on this event could enjoy the fun site of the winter.