Munich, Erlangen-Nuremberg, 29. June 2024 9:00 to 0:00

The Regional Groups Munich and Erlangen-Nuremberg visit a pilot plant which produces  hydrogen from biogas in the lovely Altmühltal Valley.

Hydrogen will play a crucial role in the energy transition, for example in industry and mobility.  But production is energy-intensive and transportation difficult. Munich DAAD alumnus Dr. Gianluca Pauletto has developed an innovative approach to producing green hydrogen decentrally and highly efficiently from biogas – incidentally a great use for biogas, which is readily available.  The startup SYPOX, which he founded, devotes itself to electrifying processes in the chemical industry: The SYPOX Reactor is the only technology worldwide that combines electric heating and catalysis at scale. It replaces combustion for energy-intensive processes in the
chemical industry.

Afterwards we stop over in the nearby university town Eichstätt and visit the Jura Museum with numerous fascinating fossils including a rare specimen of the archeopteryx. Future and distant past in one day!

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