Munich, 28. August 2022 10:00 to 12:30

After the RG Munich’s day trip to Murnau with a visit to the Castle Museum and the Münter House, which already introduced us to the artist group Blauer Reiter/Blue Rider, we get a guided tour in English through the Lenbachhaus Art Museum and its collection of works by the Blue Rider painters.

The core collection of the Lenbachhaus consists of expressionist paintings from before the First World War. It owes its international standing to Gabriele Münter’s donation of paintings by Blauer Reiter artists (including herself) and others associated with the group. Today the Lenbachhaus is the world’s leading institution for the presentation and scientific research of the Blue Rider.

The tour is particularly – but not only – interesting for those who took part in our trip to Murnau. It is intriguing, among other things, to compare Münter’s modest home with the Lenbachhaus, which was also originally an artist’s house. Franz von Lenbach (1836–1904) was a generation older than the Blue Rider painters and a celebrated society portraitist.

The Lenbachhaus contains other great collections and exhibitions that can be visited after our guided tour, and a beautiful garden is also part of the ensemble.

Cost: Museum admission 5 euros with student ID, 10 euros for non-students. Participants must get their own ticket before the start of the tour.

Maximum number of participants: 15. Family members are ok, non-DAAD friends depending on the number of DAAD candidates.