Munich, 25. March 2023 20:30 to 0:00

The RG Munich visits the Café Mona (under the roof of the Monacensia library) for an extraordinary experience: The internationally award-winning inventor, performance artist and computer music composer Karl F. Gerber (his inventions include violin, zither and flute automats) now presents his latest development in Munich, the Sensor32-Array. We can expect electronic music which is characterized by literally visible virtuosity and is both controlled by and speaks to several senses at the same time.

In contrast to the Theremin, the only gesture-controlled, contactless music device that has established itself as a niche instrument since the 1920s, 16 voices can be generated simultaneously with the Sensor32-Array, instead of one electronic voice.

Karina Erhardt, flute and live electronics, enters into dialogue with Karl F. Gerber at the Sensor32-Array.

Free admission