Munich, 5. July 2024 13:00 to 0:00

The RG Munich visits the TUM Venture Lab Food-Agro-Biotech at the TUM Food and Agro Center for Innovation and Technology (FACIT)  in Weihenstephan. There we learn about how TUM supports start-ups, and how it does so specifically in the FAB sector.

After the „official“ part of the program we get together at a nearby beergarden or have a pint at the Venture Lab, depending on the weather.

Managing Director Dr. Ing. Roman Werner (son of a DAAD alumnus) is our host. Here’s the Venture Lab’s self-portrait: „The TUM Venture Lab FAB mission is to become Europe’s top breeding ground for agricultural, food technological and biotech business start-ups. This incubation hub fosters interdisciplinary innovations in the life sciences from genetic and biological research to production and processing technologies. We support ideas pertaining to agriculture, food, beverages, nutrition, forestry, biotechnology or applied life sciences. Hence, we operate in one of the hottest venture areas, considering for example the climate-driven challenges in agriculture and forestry, as well as the impact of nutritional habits on public health.“