Free Virtual R Programming Course: Coding For Bright Future Initiative

We are delighted to officially announce thelunch of the new initiative „Coding for a Bright Future“. This initiative is the first of it’s kind in our DAAD Alumni and friends Ruhr group.

The main idea of the initiative is to offer on a regular basis several programming courses that are free and virtual to DAAD scholars and alumni throughout Germany. Each programming course will be compiled and taught by an expert. These programming courses will be great for beginners. Each course will start with the fundamental programming language concepts before digging deeper into the more advanced topics.


Each programming course will be based upon three to five Lectures of approx. 4 hours each. More lectures could be offered based on the interest of the lecturer and participants!

First Course:

R Programming Course


20 hours.

First Lecture:

When? Friday, August 20th, 3-7pm  (save the date!)

R programming language:

The R programming language is one of the most widely used data analysis and machine learning programming languages. It is an open source and free programming language.  It is also one of the greatest programming languages for statistical computing, graphical data modeling, and time-series analysis. R’s built-in libraries make it easy to create complex Machine Learning algorithms. It also offers a lot of specialized techniques and capabilities to developers.


  1. First Lecture: Friday, August 20th, 3-7pm
  2. Second Lecture: Sunday, August 22nd, 3-7pm
  3. Third Lecture: Monday, August 23rd, 3-7pm
  4. Fourth Lecture: Tuesday, August 24th, 3-7pm
  5. Fifth Lecture: Sunday, August 29th, 3-7pm

Note: A certificates of attendance will be issued to the participants after the course.

Organizer of the initiative & Lecturer of the R Language course:

Lubna Amro, Research Assistant and Doctoral Candidate at the Faculty of Statistics, TU Dortmund University. Teaching and working with R language for more than 7 years. Developed the R Package “MissPair”.  And, a board member of the DAAD Alumni and Friends Ruhr.


Registration is required by simply replying to this email or sending an Email till 19th August to:

Then you will receive a confirmation email with the Zoom link for the R course.