On a wonderful autumn day, a small group of DAAD scholarship holders and alumni set out from Berlin to Fürstenwalde/Spree to enjoy the Brandenburg countryside and collect mushrooms.

Our expert René Schumacher started the tour in the Fürstenberg forest, which was a short walk away from the train station. Very soon, all participants were enthusiastic about collecting mushrooms and especially the beginners among us were amazed at how many mushrooms you can find, if you search specifically for them. After the first inedible and poisonous specimens, edible mushrooms were found and with the help of our guide, we were able to collect even mushrooms that hobby collectors would normally have left aside. Additionally, we were told anecdotes about both edible and poisonous mushrooms, as well as explanations where to find specific mushrooms and how to prepare the edible ones. For example, we got to know the stories behind the names ‘Saxon killer’ and ‘witch egg’. A few volunteers among the scholarship holders tried also to recite mushroom poems (see picture). When we arrived at our picknick place at the beautiful Trebuser See, it was already clear that this event was taking longer than expected. In the end, some of the group searched for full five hours and collected mushrooms of a broad variety for a nice dinner: Copper Spikes, Grey Knights, Parasols, Saffron Milk Caps, ….