Regional Group Eastern Friesland

Heel Wat Besünners

Welcome to East Friesland! A very special region: islands and bathing lakes are a paradise for recreational activities. The North Sea is on the doorstep in the towns of Aurich, Emden and Leer, as are cultural activities and sights. Let’s go on a tour of discovery together!

Informal gatherings, excursions, cultural and specialist events: the regional group in East Friesland offers a platform for exchange between DAAD alumni and DAAD scholarship holders. New international friendships are forged – and this is an opportunity for informal networking for all.

We enjoy the landscapes, we concentrate on the worlds of sound at the classical music festivals of the Musikalischer Sommer or the Gezeitenkonzerte. And joint discussions during the Auricher Wissenschaftstage or when exploring the Enercon E-66 wind energy plant show us how diverse and exciting activities in East Friesland can be.

Our regional group is still young and is still growing – we regularly collaborate with the regional groups in Bremen and Oldenburg. International students, doctoral candidates and academics are welcome to our events, as are German DAAD alumni and cosmopolitans.

We are still looking for helpers in our organisation team! And we are always pleased to welcome people who have the opportunity and would like to offer company tours or contribute their specialist knowledge in lectures – as a stimulus for interdisciplinary and cross-cultural exchange.


Dr. Vanessa Plate:

“I spent my childhood in Europe, Africa and Asia. As a pharmacist, I now work in the insurance industry. What was my motivation to get involved? I enjoy facilitating contacts and getting to know local residents from all over the world.”


If you have any questions or suggestions concerning our programme or our group, simply write an email to: