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Gruppenfoto am Bahnsteig

Green City at the Foot of the Black Forest

Go walking in the wild Black Forest valleys, enjoy Baden’s way of life and discover sustainable urban development – Freiburg is special. And we look forward to exploring it with you!

See life here through our eyes, experience culture, open-air activities, discover hidden aspects of our town – and, at the same time, let us see the old and the new through your eyes! We invite you to join us – whether at a welcome reception above the roofs of Freiburg, for a visit to a museum or a walk in the Black Forest.

Lydia Carlisi
The DAAD gave me the chance to change my life. I came to Freiburg to study music, and I’m still here!

Lydia Carlisi (Italy)

In our series “My Germany/My Freiburg in a Nutshell”, some interesting people give you insights into their own personal view of Germany. Due to our collaboration with the alumni club at Freiburg University, you can find out more about the diverse experiences and lives of Freiburg alumni by coming to a fireside evening or joining us on a walk. Generations and disciplines meet and mix, and there is a lively exchange of ideas.

It only remains for us to say: Willkommen in Freiburg! Bienvenue! Benvenuti! Hos geldiniz! Welcome! Isten Hozta! Karibuni! 欢迎! Добро пожаловать! And we are looking forward to meeting you soon at one of our events!

In the meantime, you can gain a first impression by taking a look at our reports about past events.


Felix Böllmann
Felix Böllmann:

“I was able to do research in Russia with DAAD support. I am looking forward to many interesting contacts with people from all over the world!”


Morten Franz
Morten Franz:
“Cross-cultural exchange with people from all over the world is very close to my heart. Thanks to a DAAD scholarship, I was able to work on my thesis in Australia.”


Felix Anger
Felix Anger:

“During my studies, I was in Singapore with the DAAD for one year. I would like to return something of this wonderful experience.”


Lydia Carlisi
Lydia Carlisi


If you have any questions or suggestions concerning our programme or our group, simply write us!