Regional Group Hamburg


Hamburg/Lüneburg: The Gateway to the World

The metropolis of Hamburg and the tranquillity of Lüneburg: a wide variety of museums housing international exhibitions, the ports in both towns, splendid parks and colourful nightlife. We would like to discover all that and more with you!

We know that it is not easy for you to meet new people when you start studying in Germany. At our events, you will always meet many scholarship holders, DAAD alumni and other interesting people. Come along, you are very welcome!

Lina Moreno
DAAD Alumni & Friends is regularly organizing interesting activities, through which I got the chance to meet nice people and even make very good and close friends. DAAD Alumni & Friends is a very important support for us scholarship holders here in Hamburg. I am just waiting for more events to come!

Lina Moreno (Kolumbien)

We regularly organise various events: for example, we visit the Christmas market together, go ice-skating, explore Hamburg and Lüneburg on guided tours, go walking in Hamburg and the surrounding area or go to the cinema or theatre. And not only can you learn something about German culture and customs, you also find out more about the many other participants and make many new friends!

In addition, we regularly organise informal gatherings in various restaurants and bars, where we eat and drink something while we chat – there are often people from more than ten different nations at our gatherings. We also organise German host families as part of the “Deutschland hautnah – Germany behind the scenes” programme.


Lisa Mordhorst
Lisa Mordhorst:

“I was in Chile with the DAAD. At DAAD Alumni & Friends, I appreciate talks with scholarship holders from all over the world.”


Peter Peetz

Peter Peetz:
“I used to travel a lot; for example, I went to Honduras with DAAD support. At DAAD Alumni & Friends, I now socialise with international DAAD scholarship holders and can remain connected with people and cultures from all over the world.”


Sofia Manti

Sofia Manti:
“I was in Tokyo for 2 years and received many valuable suggestions at the informal DAAD gathering in Tokyo. It was a brilliant way of networking that I would now like to pass on as part of DAAD Alumni & Friends.”


Dr. Lisa Feuerhake:
“A stay abroad is shaped by the people you meet and the experiences you have.”

Jördis Zill:
“As a former DAAD scholarship holder and keen globetrotter, I know what it’s like to be ‘new’ to a place. It is much nicer to be made welcome! Welcome to Hamburg!”

Eva Boller

Sören Braun


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