Regional Group Jena

RG Jena bei Paddeltour

Traditional University Town in a Green Environment

Stroll past historical sites, experience music from around the world at the Kulturarena, spend time in the mountains or on the water, visit modern universities and companies. All this is possible in Jena without needing to go far.

At the beginning of the semester, we always organise a tour of the town centre for our scholarship holders. This gives you a first impression of the town which is to be your home for the coming months. Other activities scheduled regularly include ice-skating in winter, a visit to the Jena planetarium and a Thuringian barbecue in summer.

Grillabend der RG Jena

Jena, Weimar, Erfurt and Ilmenau – we warmly welcome the scholarship holders from all universities in Thuringia to our events. We regularly organise activities at other places so you will be able to experience other towns and locations in the surrounding area. You can use your semester ticket to travel around the whole of Thuringia by rail free of charge. Discover the Free State of Thuringia with us!

Apart from recurring events, we also organise further activities in connection with cultural or seasonal events, such as a walking tour when the orchids are in flower. Your families are very welcome at all our events – and we always welcome your suggestions for planning events. Help us plan activities for your time in Jena!


Silvio Dutz
Silvio Dutz:

“I was in Canada as a postdoc with the DAAD. Through my work with DAAD Alumni & Friends, I am constantly meeting interesting people from very different cultures and can learn something about their home countries.”


Torsten Frosch
Torsten Frosch:

“As a doctoral candidate, I was in India and Australia with the DAAD. It is very enriching to experience other countries and cultures, something I would not want to miss and can continue with DAAD Alumni & Friends.”


Felix Schacher
Felix Schacher:

“I was in England as a postdoc with a DAAD scholarship. DAAD Alumni & Friends gives me the opportunity to exchange ideas and share experiences with other scholarship holders.”


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