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Stipendiaten auf Rheinbruecke Kehl

The Golden Mean Between the Black Forest, the Palatinate and Alsace

Music or museums, technology or theatre, city flair or trips to the countryside: this town on the Rhine is more than simply a centre of justice! Karlsruhe – the fan city with many facets!

We like to make use of the many opportunities Karlsruhe has to offer as a town of 300,000 inhabitants: from visits to companies and courts, cultural events such as the cinema, concerts and art exhibitions, to religious encounters in synagogues, mosques or the Buddhist centre.

Hans Magnus Ewald
During my busy studies, DAAD Alumni & Friends offered enjoyable experiences again and again, for example at the informal gathering for meeting people or as part of the “Schule hautnah – Scholars at school” project.

Hans Magnus Ewald (Norway)

The area around Karlsruhe leaves hardly anything to be desired. There are trips to Alsace and the Palatinate, top sports events like the Formula One racing in Hockenheim or soccer and handball matches in Sinsheim and Mannheim, city trips (e.g. to the state parliament in Stuttgart), museums including Melanchthon and Mercedes-Benz or UNESCO world heritage sites like Speyer or Maulbronn (overview of past activities).

We also find hosts for a weekend or for short stays without overnight accommodation as part of the “Deutschland hautnah – Germany behind the scenes” programme. The “Schule hautnah – Scholars at school” project offers scholarship holders the opportunity to sit in on classes or hold lectures at a German grammar school.


Henning Belle:
“In times of international migration, personal contacts are important in order to develop an understanding for foreign cultures – DAAD Alumni & Friends offer a platform for this.”


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