Regional Group Marburg

Marburg an der Lahn

At the Centre of Hesse: Steeped in Tradition and Open to the World

Marburg is located between the metropolis of Frankfurt and Kassel, home of the documenta exhibition of contemporary art. It has an historical old town and a university dating back almost 500 years. The town on the River Lahn and the surrounding area have a lot to offer, which we will show you!

Did you know that a quarter of all Marburg inhabitants study at Philipp University like you do? That makes it easier for you to settle in. At the beginning of each semester, we invite you to a welcome meeting so that you as DAAD scholarship holders can get to know one another right at the beginning of your studies.

Gipsabdruecke antiker StatuenWe meet in a traditional café offering a panoramic view high above the River Lahn in Marburg old town with its many beautiful half-timbered houses. What else is on the programme? For example, we visit the big collection of sculptures in the Archaeology Department at the University of Marburg to marvel at the plaster casts of antique statues.

We also make trips to the nearby area and further afield: for example, to Licher Privatbrauerei, a private brewery located in Lich, or to Kassel, Mainz and Frankfurt, where we visit the famous zoo or go to a Christmas concert in the old opera house. One thing is for sure: we always have fun together!


Werner Gosewinkel:
“I was at the University of Stellenbosch/South Africa on a DAAD postgraduate scholarship, later I was in Tehran for 3 years as a DAAD instructor for the German language and culture at the Persian Sport University. I gained a wide range of experience during this time with the DAAD, and this has had quite an effect on my life. I would like to return something by working for DAAD Alumni & Friends at Marburg University. Also, I see discussion with highly-motivated young people from all over the world as very enriching.”


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