Regional Group Paderborn

Paderborn? – Paderborn!

In addition to the biggest university festival in Germany, the Libori summer festival, a dynamic and historical city centre, a beautiful environment (for example, the Teutoburg Forest) and many parks for relaxation, you will find this a location steeped in history. We look forward to exploring Paderborn and the surrounding area with you.

Several times a year, we invite you to joint activities, national holidays and regional events. We would like to help make Paderborn a second home for you.

Weihnachtsgebäck Past activities include cooking together – we’ve enjoyed everything from potato salad to moussaka – going on pub crawls, visiting the Paderborn spring festival and taking trips to the surrounding area. We are always open to suggestions and look forward to exploring new territory with you.


Miriam Strube
Miriam Strube:
“After my many wonderful experiences abroad, I hope to be able to support scholarship holders and give something back to the DAAD because cross-cultural understanding is so important.”


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