Regional Group Saarland

“Savoir vivre” im Saarland

Das Saarland wurde erst 1957 nach einer Volksabstimmung als zehntes Land in die Bundesrepublik Deutschland aufgenommen. Seitdem hat es sich als kleinstes Flächenland im Südwesten der Republik von einem industriell durch Kohle und Stahl geprägten Landstrich wegen seiner Nähe zu Frankreich zu einer Region des “savoir vivre” entwickelt.

Would you like to know how Saarlanders live? Would you like to get to know other scholarship holders at Saarbrücken University and meet up in your free time to get to know and appreciate your host country better?

Then come to our meetings: Let’s organize a picnic together on the Saar meadows; let’s visit festivals together (e.g. the Max Ophüls Festival of young German-language film in January or the Franco-German “Perspectives” with theater, acrobatics, dance and performance on Saarbrücken streets and squares in early summer). Let’s experience the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site Völklinger Hütte as a testimony to Saarland industrial culture.

After all the stress at university, don’t you feel like relaxing in the countryside, visiting the “Gardens without Borders” and taking the Saarbahn to the nearby French Saarguemines? Or maybe you would like to take part in an international hiking tour with your new friends and get to know the Saarland landscape?

These are only suggestions, which you can add to at any time with your wishes and suggestions for common meetings. The regional group Saarland is just in the making. Therefore I would like to ask you to come to our first meeting and of course to all later meetings. You can find the dates in the calendar of events. Alumni from the region are also very welcome. Maybe there are more interested people who want to actively help and shape the organization of the meetings.

Especially the upcoming pre-Christmas season promises cozy, atmospheric meetings, perhaps at game nights, walks through the Christmas markets, at the Christmas bakery and so on.



Ingrid Erbelding

Team Leader of the Regional Group  Saarland 

Teacher for German and history, retired since February 2019, interested in exchange with people from all over the world.


Alexandra Mayn

Deputy Team Leader of the Regional Group Saarland

Alexandra Mayn has been leading the Saarland Regional Group of the DAAD Circle of Friends together with Ingrid Erbelding since the summer of 2021. She first came to Saarbrücken in 2018 as a DAAD scholarship holder from Kazan, Russia, and is now a PhD student in computational linguistics at Saarland University. Alexandra has also lived in the U.S., Italy and the Netherlands and has come to appreciate exposure to new cultures and languages. She would like to offer scholarship holders in Saarland a space that can serve as a supportive network and where they can socialize with other DAAD scholarship holders and get to know the nature and culture of Saarland through cultural events and excursions. One of her planned projects is a virtual Stammtisch (regulars’ table) where scholarship holders in Saarland can improve their German skills while discussing various topics with a native speaker. She is also looking forward to joint board game evenings as well as country evenings, where the scholarship holders bring a dish from their respective home countries.

Dr. Hilde Zapp

Team Member

“My research stays in Scotland, Japan and France have had a strong impact on me. I am very grateful for everything that was made possible for me as a DAAD scholarship holder. Through my involvement in the DAAD Alumni & Friends, I would like to help ensure that our scholarship holders have an enriching time with us, get to know the country and its people, and make many friends.”


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