Regional Group Tübingen

Punting Between Poets and Thinkers on the River Neckar

Have a barbecue on a punt, enjoy film festivals, admire humanity’s oldest work of art, live in one of Germany’s youngest towns – this is typical for Tübingen. Let’s explore together!

At the beginning of the academic year, we invite you to a kick-off meeting so that all the DAAD fellows from Tübingen and Reutlingen can get to know one another. Almost every month, we do something together, such as hiking, baking pretzels, or going to a concert. We also have regular informal gatherings (International Table Tübingen) in a cozy atmosphere.

My doctoral studies in Tübingen are full of fun and cultural diversity with DAAD Alumni & Friends!

Goran Huskić

On our day trips around the region, you will discover Lake Constance, the Black Forest, the metropolis of Stuttgart and much more. The day trips take place several times a year, and you are welcome to make suggestions where to go. Enrolled students often pay no fares in the NALDO transport area due to the leisure-time agreement, and the day trip to the countryside is worthwhile.

You are welcome to bring your family and friends to join our activities. What is more, our relatively young regional group is currently looking for helpers. DAAD alumni in the Tübingen/Reutlingen region and any others interested in helping should contact us or come to the next informal gathering. We look forward to meeting you!


Dorothea Kies
Dorothea Kies
“During my studies, I was in the Middle East with the DAAD for one year. As I like to be in an international environment where I can meet people from different cultures, I am involved in DAAD Alumni & Friends.”


Alexandra Gessner
“After a year in Montréal with the DAAD, I do not want to do without the kind of multicultural environment I experienced there. Given current developments, I consider it extremely important to promote international friendships.”


Tamas Borbath
“The idea of an active, cross-cultural community such as I experienced during my DAAD-funded Master’s studies in Munich is something I would like to keep alive here in Tübingen. It is a lot of fun to participate with scholarship holders at cultural events or to enjoy the sun at trips in the surrounding, or just to say “Prost!” while drinking beer at one of our international tables.”


If you have any questions or suggestions concerning our programme or our group, simply write an email to: