Grafitties can be found everywhere in Berlin, but on this exciting tour, a group of scholars discovered the different street art styles and the backgrounds of this culture.

Our Tour started in the summer of 2020 at the ‘Kotti’ with our guide Nikolaus Schrot, who himself is a Street Art Artist and additionally studied fine arts. Directly at this location, the tour started with the earliest form of Street Art, the Graffities. From our tour guide we were told the background information, the meaning of this art form and he described the adventurous circumstances under which these were created. After this introduction, the tour continued through the whole district of Kreuzberg and we discovered all the different aspects of the Street Art genre: giant murals, stores painted with funny themes, stencils, paste-ups, …. Our guide showed us some art works, which could have been easily overseen, like the small sculptures of ‘Styro’. Thereby it was these sculptures, which gave the best impression, that Street Art is not only consisting of characters and pictures on the wall and that the creativity of the artists is constantly creating new forms of art styles. Remarkably was the deep inside the tour gave us into the backgrounds of the artists and the relationship between the artists of the different styles. The guided tour from Buddy Guide Tours was excellent and can be recommended. All participants were thrilled by the tour.

Next to the tour the scholars also experienced the flair of this part of Berlin. After the tour the group went to a restaurant near the Oberbaumbrücke.