Online, 3. May 2021 19:00 to 21:00

Dear scholars, dear alumni,

This time, we have one presenter:

Dr.-Ing. Sebastian Riedel: Bioplastic Production from Biowaste Streams

Sebastian Riedel has conducted research in Germany, the US and Malaysia on the topic of sustainable production of bioplastics. He has been working at various institutions in Berlin for several years now, in particular to explore the possibilities of using residual materials for biopolymer production. This opens up new possibilities of sustainably produced plastic products and closing regional material cycles.

About 45 min are planned for the lecture followed by a discussion.

After that, we would like to try something new and use a platform where small groups can get together. This might also be a good opportunity to talk to each other apart from the discussion of the presentation! We will inform about the access in the online meeting on Monday.

We hope for and encourage any presentations or talks at the upcoming Stammtisch meetings. You are welcome to contact us if you would like to give a presentation about your work and research or about your home country or any other exciting topic. We are looking forward to your contributions!

Kind regards,

Stefan Junne, Günter Kipfmüller, Orsolya Szender

DAAD Freundeskreis in Berlin