Regional Group Bamberg

Stadtaufnahme Bamberg

World Heritage Site at the Heart of Franconia, Known for its Love of Food and Drink!

Enjoy the flair of the medieval old town, experience cultural festivals, go boating on the River Regnitz, climb the Domberg, descend into the catacombs, visit the numerous rustic breweries and beer halls in the town and the surrounding area – you can do all those things in Bamberg! We look forward to showing you “Franconian Rome”.

At the beginning of the semester, we invite you to a welcome meeting in Bamberg’s old town. During the semester, there are opportunities to meet again, and we organise joint activities on a whim. You can help organise the programme yourselves: visits to museums or concerts, trips, cultural and sports events and much more.

Stipendiaten im Zug

The regional group in Bamberg covers the whole region of Upper Franconia. Sometimes we organise activities together with the regional group in Erlangen-Nuremberg. Thanks to the Bayernticket, it’s inexpensive and quick to take the train to the metropolitan region of Nuremberg, to one of the picturesque towns in the surrounding area or to “Franconian Switzerland”, a paradise of nature.

Partners and children are always welcome at our meetings and events. We would like to create more exchange opportunities for families. The “Deutschland hautnah – Germany behind the scenes” programme has not been offered yet by the regional group in Bamberg, but upon request we will be happy to look for host families.


Johannes Muntschick
Johannes Muntschick:

“During my studies and as a doctoral candidate, I have been in Southern Africa with the DAAD for several times. I am actively involved in DAAD Alumni & Friends because I like meeting and supporting people from other countries and cultures during their stay in Germany.”


Marius Werner:
In 2013/14, it was made possible for me by the DAAD to participate in a study visit in Colombia, South America. Back in Germany, I would like to help the scholarship students to get to know the German culture and to support them if any problems or questions might occur. Through our activities I hope to contribute to an unforgettable stay and to a great experience for the scholarship students in Germany.


If you have any questions about our programme, our activities and our regional group, please write to us. We are open to suggestions and welcome exchange.

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